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The saying that Leaders are born is a myth; Leaders are CULTIVATED!  Each and every one of us are leaders, and being able to lead starts with how we view ourselves and how we can create a positive synergy with others. 


Our LeaderOptics program identifies 4 approaches to leadership that will change every aspect your life. 




You can't lead being blind; you must become a visionary.  The more you ground yourself in truth the more you are able to operate without blinders.  A true leader gets sharper when he or she focuses on truth and therefore can map a honest plan of enrichment for themselves.  It's clear, if you don't know where you've been, you can't possibly know where you are going.  The first step in success is writing your vision, and making it plain.


The challenge today is that we want everything fast.  Fast doesn't always equals success; sometimes it's the main ingredient for failure.  Take your time and seek out what you are purposefully designed to do and be and then create a strategy.  The difference from a plan and a strategy is just one word - adaptability.  A plan can be ridged, but a strategy understands that as components shift the strategy stays the same but with varying courses. Each course should be aligned with your vision and connected to your purpose and goals.



It's all about change, and how to create lasting change in who we are, and what you are doing.  If what you are doing is not cultivating change, then you are missing IMPACT.  When you operate thinking about how you can impact yourself and everything around you; you begin to think of what's the best way to solve problems.  In short, you begin to eliminate waste and time killers, and begin to put more energy in what will be most productive for you and your strategy.  Work your ideas, don't become exhausted by your ideas.


As you grow and learn, now you are able to share your vision, strategy and impact with everyone else.  This is where you begin to see the harvest of your hard work. These strategies will catapult you to promotions, better parenting, more solid relationships and even a more grounded spiritual walk.  Think about it- your vision with strategy with profound impact leads to a more successful and fruitful life.


"Great things happen to us to remind us of our infinite possibilities!"

pg. 80 of Winning Season - Dr. S. Charles Lee





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SUCCESS  is in the details, and your life is meant to be lived in abundance.  You deserve every good thing that's coming your way.  Prepare now, and write you vision and make it plain. This is what LeaderOptics is all about.  It’s through our “optical” view of the world around us and how we harness our God-given abilities and purpose that propels us to our best life.


Dr. Charles Lee's book entitled, "Winning Season" is a great tool to assist you to maximize your plans to success. 

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